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Destiny VS The Law Of Attraction, And Finding the Ultimate Truth

Finding truth requires a totally objective view of all things and the removal of all fixed opinions. This is actually logical and indisputable because it establishes two facts. First, that the ultimate truth is beyond our capacity to comprehend intellectually as we are, otherwise someone would have figured it out now and not just go along with blind religious faith, and second, that the human intellectual process functions by reverting to previous experiences to identify the current situation or question thus limiting and restricting the capacity to understand totally foreign concepts. Let me insert here that truth about anything...

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Stop Treating Your Symptoms – Heal Your Mind, Body, And Spirit

How are you feeling right now? If you know you are generally healthy, check for subtle symptoms. Are you feeling tense anywhere in your body-neck, shoulders, lower back ache, abdomen, headache, exhaustion? Are you struggling with a serious health diagnosis and are you experiencing symptoms from your health condition? If you are experiencing the nuisance of minor physical symptoms, concerns with the stress of serious health or simple curiosity about how you can maximize your vitality and longevity, I am pleased to share with you what few Americans know, because it is suppressed by the AMA, APA, and FDA....

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SJP Reveals LBD Collection

AS if promoting a new fragrance, Stash, and a new TV show, Divorce; running a successful footwear label; being on the boards of countless cultural committees; and raising three children wasn’t keeping Sarah Jessica Parker busy enough, the actress and producer has revealed she is launching a ready-to-wear collection comprising lots of little black dresses. “Well folks, I’ve teased you long enough. It’s time for the big reveal. Introducing: the SJP LBD,” the star wrote on her Instagram account, with an accompanying video of her swirling around the revolving doors of London’s prestigious Claridge’s hotel. “A new collection of...

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How to Discover What Really Makes You Happy

Happiness is a journey and every good journey begins with a map. When you’re on the discovery path to happiness, plotting your journey is just as important as the journey itself. For some, it’s a constant struggle for happiness. Even money, career, great relationships and good health don’t live up to the task of making you happy, even though you expected it to. When you’re not happy even though you have everything you thought would make you happy, it’s time to take a step back and get to know yourself. When you know who you are, what your value...

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Healing Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

Can you imagine yourself swinging outside your lawn smelling the sweet scent of the blossoms that are vividly blooming? Isn’t calming? Simply seeing and getting a whiff of flowers will give you calmness– a spiritual healing. Across history and cultures, we have witnessed how flowers are used for medicinal design. You know what’s the best thing? These gifts from Mother Nature can easily be grown in your garden. Indulge in the wonderful activity of gardening with these invigorating blossoms. Calendula These flowers come mostly in yellow and orange. Ironically, the fire-colored blooms help in healing. Cream created from brightly...

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