Have you ever wondered if you can get your body to answer some questions about what your body needs? In fact, you can. For example, you can hold a bottle of Vitamin C and ask your body if it needs the vitamin. If your body sways forward, that’s a “yes” and if it sways backward, it’s a “no.” The sway method is one form of muscle testing. Some use the term applied kinesiology.

So what is muscle testing? While muscle testing is a more popular term, Donna Eden prefers “energy test” because we are not testing the strength of a muscle, but how the body’s energies are flowing through it. Our body is ready to let us know which energies are good for us and which are not. The tool is always with you; it never requires looking for an external instrument.

Everyone can learn muscle testing, but it takes practice to master it and get an accurate answer. There are many ways of doing muscle testing, some requiring two people and others can be done individually. For purposes of this article, I will show you how to do the sway test.

Before starting, here are some suggestions:

Make sure you are well hydrated. If you’re not sure, drink a tall glass of water.
Make sure you’re calm. If not, sit with your eyes closed and take a few deep breaths.
Stimulate the thymus glad by tapping it 10 times with your fingers clustered together. The thymus is behind the sternum bone, about halfway down.
Stretch. Reach for the sky with your arms and rotate your shoulders.
Be in the present moment. Set aside any of your problems or concerns.
Now you’re ready for the sway test.

Stand comfortably with both feet planted evenly on the ground.
Have your arms hanging loosely to the side.
Close your eyes and say your name three times.
Wait for your body to react. Which way did your body sway?
Now close your eyes again and repeat the previous steps except say “Christopher Columbus.” Which way did your body sway?

In the first example, your body should’ve swayed forward and in the case of Christopher Columbus, since that is not your name, your body should’ve swayed backward. So, if the answer is “yes” or “true,” it sways to the front and if it’s “no,” it sways backward. If these are not the results you’re getting, review the above suggestions again.

Keep practicing — you can try other words and thoughts such as happy, cheerful, positive, sunny — to elicit a forward sway. Words and thoughts such as sad, depressed, terror, war should make the body sway backward.

Once you are comfortable with the sway test, you will find it convenient to use for so many things — e.g., does my body need a specific supplement? Hold the supplement and see which way your body sways (You can even do this while shopping at a health food store). Warning: do not try this with any medication without consulting with your health care provider.

In conclusion, once you’re proficient with muscle testing, it is an extremely useful tool that you always have with you. It’s your body giving you answers from your subconscious.

By Nora M Nagatani

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