When Vogue beauty and lifestyle director Jessica Diner met drag queen extraordinaire, Violet Chachki, ahead of her appearance at this weekend’s Drag World UK convention, it was a meeting of minds. Not only is she a muse of make-up artist Pat McGrath and an ambassador for Sleek Makeup, and about to embark on a tour of the West Coast of the US with Dita von Teese, she knows her stuff when it comes to beauty. Here are Violet’s top five tips that we can all incorporate into our repertoire.

Get a derm
“In my opinion, having a good dermatologist is essential. Pat McGrath introduced me to Dr Orentriech at the Orentreich Medical Group in New York. I live in Brooklyn but I trek to the boujiest place in midtown to see him. I try to go once a month if my schedule allows, but having someone help you look after your skin is the first step to looking amazing.”

Double cleanse
“I use Albolene Moisturising Cleanser as a pre-cleanse to remove make-up. It’s an emollient texture that breaks down make-up in literally one swipe and leaves skin dewy afterwards. Rub it on the eyes and skin, let it sit for a few seconds and do its thing, then wipe it off. Follow with a normal cleanser to remove the residue.”

Mask it
“I am a big fan of the Aztec Secrets Indian Healing Facial Clay. If I have a pimple, I will activate this powder with some apple cider vinegar and mix it together – it’s cool, you feel like a scientist. You can use it to spot treat, but if you’re having a breakout you can use it all over your face. On a recent trip to Korea I became obsessed with sheet masks and bought a tonne. This mask can be quite drying so I always follow with a sheet mask and let it sit for 15 minutes so my skin can soak up all the moisture.”

Prep and prime
“Primer is essential and the key to long-lasting make-up. I use different ones according to how my skin is feeling, but for make-up to not slip off throughout the day a mattifying primer will have more staying power. MAC does a really good ones and they are pretty much industry gold standard when it comes to primers. Once make-up is finished, use a fixing spray and translucent powder throughout the day to keep it in place.

Conceal, don’t feel
“I am obsessed with the Dermacolour concealers by Kryolan. It’s hypoallergenic, cream-based stage make-up with a prestige beauty finish. When I get made up, I need to be able to cover a lot, but this is also amazing at covering any pimples day-to-day topped up with Sleek Makeup’s CC cream. A little secret that also I do is apply Eucerin Aquaphor on a blemish overnight so that in the morning it’s smooth, moisturised and easier to conceal.”

By Jessica Diner www.vogue.co.uk

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