Imagine for a minute what life is like for your hands and feet. Each day they are expected to function expertly as the extremities of the vessel known as the human body. Our hands are exposed to heat, cold, water, and organisms as they move through our daily schedules and nightly routines. Our feet, frequently jammed into stylish but impractical or ill-fitting shoes, walk, run, stand still, and dance through the rhythms of our busy lives, taking us to the places we need to go. An important question remains: how often do we take a minute to determine if the care we show our fingers and hands or our toes and feet is sufficient to keep them healthy? The facts are that most people do not give their hands and feet the attention they deserve.

Studies in reflexology, zone therapy and acupressure advocate that healing points for the rest of our body exist in our hands and feet. Generally, in our search for personal health solutions, we overlook these areas when trying to heal our bodies. We also have a tendency not to notice these little places that tell so much about our overall health, such as the tips of our fingers and toes, the soles of our hands and feet, the color and brittleness of our nails, the texture and moisture of our skin, and the flexibilities of our knuckles, wrists and ankles.

Think about it this way: from dawn until dusk, once we wake up and get out of bed, our hands and feet are in constant motion. They never stop. They are very precious to us. How do we care for our other precious possessions? We stop to admire them, keep them in a safe place to ensure they will not break, and tell others how much we appreciate them. Do you treat your hands and feet with the respect they deserve? We can show you the way to do just this!

Practice the action of appreciation through the following tips while keeping a journal to record your experiences to compare what you’ve done to how your feeling and where it leads you. One thing will be certain: where you place your focus will expand in the future, healing intentions that begin as outward manifestations in your daily, caring ways will flow back to you internally, and new experiences are bound to happen. To cause good things to happen to you, here are some tips for you to do:

1. Use gentle natural products. Their overall anti-aging effects go a long way and you will also contribute to keeping the environment green.

2. Exercise and massage your hands and feet every day before you go to sleep to show your appreciation for all they do for you.

3. Exfoliate your hands and feet once a month with a mixture of sea salt scrub, a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice, and 1 drop of the following essential oils – lavender, tea tree and rose oil. Your hands and feet deserve the same care you give your face in order for them to be the best they can be.

4. Trim your nails both for style and to prevent self-contamination. Not only does this lead to you maintaining good health but your jewelry will look even more beautiful.

5. Soak your feet in hot water with a pinch of cayenne pepper when you are feeling exhausted. Remember to always test the temperature of the water before placing your feet in the water so that you do not burn yourself.

6. Elevate your feet daily to decrease the potential for swelling.

7. Wear well-fitting and comfortable footwear. Do not sacrifice your health for style! Instead, combine style and comfort. It’s an investment in you that will pay dividends for years.

8. Eat whole foods, preferably those organically grown locally. The color, texture, flexibility and sensitivity of your hands, feet, and nails all indicate what is going on inside your body.

9. Get a good night’s sleep. Your entire body needs to be recharged while you sleep so that it can do its own detoxification and rejuvenation. This includes your mind, too. Some studies recommend turning the lights off by 10:00 PM each night.

10. Pamper yourself with a visit to the spa on special occasions, at the change of seasons, or simply to celebrate the person you are. Make a date with yourself and your spa then write the appointment on your calendar. You are a Queen! You are a King! You deserve it! Your body will thank you.

By  Grace A Stanley

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