A Scholar of Self Actualisation, Personal Development, Metaphysic, Spiritual and Life Strategist A Healer, Manifestation Coach, Access Consciousness Practitioner and a Meditation/Mindfulness teacher. A Public Speaker, the Founder of IAMMindfulness, the Founder and Editor of IAMPress magazine and IAM radio, an Advocate for Women’s wellbeing, Honorary board member of the IWLA -New York.
Maria turned around the lives of many people, although based in London Maria’s clients come from all over the world as her sessions can also take place over the telephone.

Are self-limiting beliefs holding you back and keeping you from your greatest potential?
Ask yourself: Am I fulfilled? Am I in the right job? Am I on the right path? What is my real life purpose? Am I doing what I love? Am I in the right relationship?… Do you suffer from low self esteem, stress, anxiety? Are you stuck in the same routine unable to move forward and live a more exciting and fulfilled life?
It is time for you to STOP living an ordinary life, to stop sacrificing, to stop believing that life is about striving and that great things only happen to the lucky few, BEGIN your new journey by taking your power back and by stepping out of your comfort zone! Don’t let another year, month or even week go by… Your time is NOW.
Experience more energy, love for life, motivation and abundance. LET’S WORK TOGETHER!

As a life coach and personal development strategist, I help my clients building the life they really want to be living through self discovery, self empowerment and by shifting their limiting belief system, by analysing their conscious and subconscious mind.
Together we build plans to achieve clarity, balance, creativity and a positive mindset. I help my clients to see and dream bigger, to attract abundance in all areas of their lives. I show them how to tap into their intuition, how to increase their manifestation potential, how to turn any adversity into opportunities and to realise how powerful and gifted they really are, ready then to start leaving a marvelous life. I provide support so that my clients can identify and bring out the skills, creativity and resources that they already have. I help people to get from where they are in their life to where they truly want to be. I believe in empowering people to attain all confidence they need to change their lives positively.
During my sessions, I also explain how to properly apply the Universal Laws into their everyday’s life.

Change Your Life!

It’s time to create your new life.
Change your PARADIGM and you will change your life
It’s time to believe and honour what really matters to you and trust that you can create it.

Work with me!

I will teach you how to manifest
How to remove your abundance blocks
How to make better decisions
Get more focus, direction and purpose
Manage your time and work more effectively
Appreciate and acknowledge your skills, abilities and achievements
Feel more confident, positive and optimistic
Set and achieve goals​
Clarify your values and understand what is important to you
Achieve a good work-life balance!

​We all want to live and work in ways that feel aligned with who we are and what really matters to us.
You Can and you Will!
Become a happier, healthier, stronger YOU.
Be a better partner, parent, leader, business person, friend.

Areas Covered:
Manifesting, Confidence , Self Worth, Self Esteem, Remove Self Doubt, Relationships, Separation
Divorce, Career, Get a Better Job, Self Discovery, Life Mastery, Your Life Purpose
Dreams and Goals, Time management, Life Values, Anger, Stress, Anxiety, Loss
Parenting, Procrastination, Feeling Stuck, Parenting, The Law of attraction, The Universal Laws.

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