To desire happiness or success proves you don’t “think” you have it within you. So, if that’s what you think, that’s what you get. Desire for happiness does not bring happiness; desire for success does not bring success; desire for anything doesn’t bring it. You have to already have it, and you do already have it.

“Thinking” otherwise sabotages the creative process. This explains, for instance, why certain people who have lost all their money tend to quickly regain it. It’s because they have a pre-existing mindset of happiness and success that’s based on reality not desire. They consciously or unconsciously tap the foundation of success – which is always within and from the Subconscious Mind.

Their happiness doesn’t come from money or success of itself, but is realized via the game or process of creative action toward some greater good. There’s a saying, “Nothing succeeds like success.” This means success breeds more success, and happiness breeds more happiness.

To “think” otherwise is operating under a false pretense so brings failure or an unfavorable result. If you’re not happy now, you won’t be happy after you’ve achieved every goal you think will make you happy. You’re never satisfied. You’re always wanting something more or different. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting more and more for creative purposes, there is something very wrong with wanting more for the purpose of happiness. It’s a subtle distinction.

True happiness is an inherent, innate, non-emotional part of human being. It’s not acquired externally but is realized internally. You can acquire pleasure but not happiness. Pleasure is emotional while true happiness is impersonal or spiritual.

You can’t think or desire your way to happiness. You have to already be happy, and the beautiful little secret is that you already are happy. You were just looking for what you already have like a dog chasing its tail. You were looking in all the wrong places, in all the wrong ways, for all the wrong reasons.

Think of the erroneous translation, “Money is the root of all evil.” The correct translation and true principle is, “The desire for money is the root of all evil.” Now just change the word money to happiness and you’ll have the problem correctly defined. It’s the root of all evil because, again, you’re operating under the false premise that true happiness is not who you truly are.

Think of happiness as a euphemism for any desired outcome. Don’t set goals based on what your reward will be, but on being creative in, of and for itself.Just for the natural good of it and reality of it. Creativity is its own reward. It’s the nature of being a joyous, powerful, fully functioning human. It comes from the Subconscious Mind while thinking and desiring come from the personal, self-centered mind. One is spiritual; the other, egotistical.

By William F Mc Laughlin

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